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Strength by Hedvig Ahlberg


By Hedvig Ahlberg

Capturing stories of female physical & emotional strength, we supported the all-female crew by providing access to the right kit & production support so they could successfully bring their creative vision to life.

Under Newborn Stars by Roshannah Bagley

Under Newborn Stars

By Roshannah Bagley

Maja Blumenfeld’s lost photographic archive resurfaced after 60 years. Now at age 102 she shares her story with the world for the first time. We supported the crew by providing access to kit & supporting with production to help Maja tell her tale.

Short Stories by Nathan Reed

Short Stories

By Nathan Reed

A digital platform that makes it easy for authors of all levels to publish their stories & have them discovered by the most app-reactive audiences while helping readers easily discover stories they’ll love.

We’re supporting Nathan Reed to grow the existing Short Stories Platform into an engaged community of budding, emerging & established writers whole building awareness around the platform with new readers - with a focus on encouraging children’s literacy.

Neo Gender by Emmanuelle Soffé

Neo Gender

By Emmanuelle Soffé

Inspired by the opening of the Old Testament, Neo Gender is a short film which gives the viewer a myriad of reasons as to why they should question their binary concept of ‘gender‘: from identified historical, cultural & biological perspectives. We supported filmmaker Emmanuelle Soffé through distribution & press to ensure the film reaches the most appreciative audiences.

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